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Kraft Invitation Envelopes

Hualian Printing is an experience factory in China who supply customized kraft invitation envelopes. They are a fantastic choice for those looking for a vintage-inspired, customizable, and visually stunning option for their event invitations. With their ability to be tailored to various sizes and shapes, printed with different designs, embellished with hot foil stamping, and enhanced with ribbon tying or die-cutting, these envelopes offer endless possibilities for creating truly remarkable invitations.

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Product Description

Hualian Printing is a manufacturer that produce personalized kraft invitation envelopes. They are a stylish and versatile option for any event. Made from high-quality vintage-inspired kraft paper, these envelopes exude a rustic and nostalgic feel. They can be tailored to suit various sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for your invitation cards or other inserts. Whether you prefer a traditional rectangular shape or desire something more unique, these envelopes can accommodate your needs.

Product Specification of Kraft Invitation Envelopes

We make custom ENVELOPES


Kraft Invitation Envelopes




Kraft paper or as request


Full color printing

Surface Process

Hot Stamping / Lamination / UV / Debossing





Lead Time

12-15 days



How to Fold Kraft Invitation Envelopes

Cases and Customization Factors

Customization Factors for Kraft Invitation Envelopes

1. Material: Kraft Invitation Envelopes are typically made from high-quality kraft paper, which gives them a vintage and rustic feel. Different types of kraft paper can be chosen to achieve specific textures or colors.

2. Size: These envelopes can be customized to fit various sizes of invitation cards or inserts, allowing for a perfect fit.

3. Printing Patterns: Kraft Invitation Envelopes can be printed with various patterns or designs, ranging from floral motifs to personalized graphics, to match the event theme or style.

4. Shape: In addition to the standard rectangular shape, these envelopes can be customized into different shapes, such as square or oval, for a unique touch.

5. Processing Techniques: Techniques like hot foil stamping, embossing, or debossing can be applied to add a metallic finish, texture, or dimension to the envelopes.

6. Additional Options: Other customization options include envelope liners for added color or pattern, as well as closures like adhesive strips, buttons, or tie strings for a secure and stylish seal.

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