Paper Bag Easter Bunny
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Paper Bag Easter Bunny

Hualian Printing is a innovative factory who make customized paper bag easter bunny. Crafted from premium white kraft paper, these bags feature an endearing chubby bunny design printed on the body, along with customizable options for personalization and individual flair.

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Product Description

Hualian Printing is a company that supply personalized paper bag easter bunny with customizable sizes and printing options to meet your specific needs. The Paper Bag Easter Bunny is meticulously crafted from high-quality white kraft paper, ensuring durability while providing a versatile canvas for customization. This eco-friendly material not only upholds sturdiness but also serves as an excellent base for vibrant designs and personal touches, making each bag unique.

These Paper Bag Easter Bunnies are not only charming but also practical. They serve as perfect holders for Easter treats, gifts, or party favors. Their versatility extends beyond Easter, making them suitable for various occasions, events, or celebrations, especially when tailored to individual tastes.

Product Specification of Paper Bag Easter Bunny

We make custom bags


Paper Bag Easter Bunny


16.5*18*6cm or Customized


White kraft paper


4c printing







Lead Time

12-18 days



Product Details of Paper Bag Easter Bunny

Paper Bag Easter Bunny

Each bag showcases an adorable chubby bunny illustration that exudes joy and Easter spirit. What sets these bags apart is their customizable attribute – whether it's adding names, personalized messages, or unique designs, these bags offer the flexibility for personalization. This feature allows individuals to tailor these bags to suit specific preferences, making them ideal for personalized Easter gifts or event giveaways.

Paper Bag Easter Bunny

Customizable Factors

The Paper Bag Easter Bunny offers a range of customizable elements to tailor the product according to individual preferences and branding needs.
Firstly, regarding materials, clients can select from a variety of options such as durable kraft paper, premium white cardboard, sturdy copper paperboard, or specialized paper types, enabling choices based on desired textures and specific usage.

Secondly, in terms of printing, clients can provide their own designs, logos, or slogans, ensuring a personalized and distinctive touch. This personalized printing allows for the embodiment of their creativity and brand elements, making the product stand out. 

Thirdly, the choice of handle materials is also a key aspect of customization. Various options like round ropes, flat ropes, ribbons, or braided strings offer different textures and appearances, allowing clients to choose styles that best match their brand aesthetic and intended use. 

Lastly, concerning surface treatment, clients can opt for either laminated or non-laminated finishes. Lamination enhances durability and provides a glossy appearance to the bags, while a non-laminated finish emphasizes the natural texture and feel of the chosen material. 

The combination of these customizable elements provides flexibility and choice for clients to create unique Paper Bag Easter Bunny products that align with their brand identity, event requirements, or personal preferences.

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